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The 2020 Annual State of Compliance and Auditing

Compliance & Auditing Trends for 2020.

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If you’re like the rest of us, you’re constantly searching for a better way to run your compliance and billing programs. After all, having an effective compliance program in place is fundamental to mitigating your risks and protecting your revenue. Which has never been more important to an organization's success than it is during the current economic and healthcare climate.

And that's why we’re excited to share with you our fourth-annual “Compliance and Auditing Benchmark Report.” Loaded with graphs, charts, benchmarks, and commentary from the compliance and auditing experts at Healthicity and AAPC.

Many of you and your colleagues participated in taking the surveys and helping us create our guide. And now it’s time to see how you and your organization stacks up to national averages.

By leveraging the data we collected from nearly 800 respondents, you’ll be equipped to weather the current storm we’re all facing, and see how your organization can plan for the future by:

  • Identify Areas of Risks Within Your Organization
  • Setting Accurate Productivity Standards for Coders and Auditors
  • Comparing Your Program with Industry Standards
  • Understanding the Importance (and Value) of Post-audit Education

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