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Discover a wealth of best practices and real-world examples on how you can simplify your auditing, compliance, coding and training challenges.

Talking Compliance Culture

CJ Wolf, Healthicity's Sr. Compliance Executive, sat down and chatted with Rudy Green, the compliance officer at the University of Texas in Austin. 

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2017 OIG Work Plan Updates, Simplified

Join our webinar to help prepare your compliance program's annual risk assessments and creating annual audit work plans in preparation for 2018.

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Modifier 25: Unraveling E/M Services

Learn when it’s appropriate to use Modifier 25 with a CEU credit available for purchase. 

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Smart Strategies for Managing Your Compliance Program

Watch this webinar for the latest best practices for compliance programs in physician practices according to the OIG. CEU available.

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How to Navigate Common Pediatric Coding Mistakes

Discussion on concerns in a pediatric practice and how to prevent pitfalls in preventive services. CEU available.

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How to Build Influence and Win at Compliance

Understanding the business of influence with these no-nonsense ways for compliance officers to increase their influence without using authority.

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The Price of Non-Compliance

A thorough guide that will help the professionals in your organization to see why compliance is so crucial for protecting your bottom line.

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Conduct an Effective Audit of Your Compliance Program

Watch this webinar for insights into how compliance software can help track your annual compliance program audit work plan.

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3 Compliance Assessment Checklists

Free checklists that will get you measuring your training and education, lines of communication, and risk assessments.

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Getting Ahead of Your Annual Compliance Audit

Get strategies to start your plan, maintain your momentum and implement "rescue operations." CEU available.

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Tools That Make Compliance Easier

Healthicity’s own product expert, Jeff Young, talks about how to utilize technology to decrease manual labor, improve training, easily identify risk and much, much more in this episode.

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Simple Tactics to Prepare for MACRA

Understand 3 essential steps auditors need to know how to make when preparing for MACRA.

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Cloning, and Copy & Paste, and Pull Forward, Oh My!

Get strategies to safely use copy/paste in your auditing and preserve and protect the integrity of your records. CEU available.

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The 3 Ps of Compliance

It takes hard work, knowledge and a special kind of something to really excel as a compliance professional. We call these characteristics the three Ps.

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Staying Ahead of the Risk Adjustment Curve

Greatly improve your audit accuracy on risk adjustments with the tips in this webinar, including how to leave behind line-by-line audit entry forever.

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Invest Now & Save Later: Building an ROI Case for Compliance

Watch this webinar for insights into how you can build a case for your organization’s decision makers to invest more in compliance.

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5 Simple Hacks to Be a More Productive Auditor

Tried-and-true productivity hacks supplied by Healthicity's own auditing team. Get this free eGuide for tips that will increase your auditing output while reducing your stress level.

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Meet the OIG’s Education Requirements with Software

This webinar will show you how the right technology can help you meet the "Education" element of your compliance program more effectively, and with less stress.

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Clear Up the Confusion Around Time-Based E/M Services

When is time a factor in coding an E/M service level? This eBrief will help you create certainty around the most common time-based E/M service coding issues.

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When to Add a Modifier 25 to the E/M

Use this cheatsheet for a visual way for you to remember the Modifier 25 rules. Print it out and hang it in your office for an easy reminder.

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5 Small Tweaks for a Big Compliance Program Impact

A handy pocket guide with five actionable tips that compliance professionals can use today to immediately improve their programs without a major overhaul.

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Tips and Tricks for Transitional Care Management Services

No need to panic if you’re unsure of the billing requirements for TCM services. This webinar answers nearly all the questions you could have. CEU available.

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E/M Coding Tips and Risks

CJ chats with Chad Peters, a Senior Consultant at a large hospital. They address common areas of confusion in E/M coding and the education practices that overcome them.

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How to Implement the Reform of Requirements for LTCs

Phase two of CMS’ Reform of Requirements for LTCs begins November, 2017. Get practical guidance to implement the new requirements and maintain your compliance.

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