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Compliance Conversations: AI in Healthcare Compliance

In this episode, you’ll learn how AI is used to reduce compliance risks and inform the FDA about adverse events.



How to Perform a Compliance Program Effectiveness Review

We will break down the process of conducting a high-level assessment, and we’ll throw in a free toolkit after you attend the webinar. CCB CEU available.

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Compliance Conversations: Pathways to Compliance Part 2

Listen for a lively and educational chat on what to do once you're in compliance. This episode is for folks just beginning their journey and folks who have been at it for a while.



Pharmaceutical and Medical Device COI Compliance Risks

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries are BIG business. Learn the unique compliance risks and how to avoid them in this webinar.

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HIPAA Security Rule: Administrative Safeguards

Is your organization HIPAA secure? Start to satisfy the HIPAA Security Rule’s Administrative Safeguards with this eBrief.

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The HIPAA Security Rule: Are the Safeguards Really Enough?

Detail strategies for the best ways to manage safeguards to protect healthcare organizations from noncompliance and cybersecurity risks. CEU available.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: March 2022

The OIG's Work Plan updates for March 2022 include data mining, vaccination records, Senior Medicare Patrol Projects, and more.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Telehealth: Part 4

We need to look at the past, present, and future of telehealth to prepare ourselves for workflow changes and know how to mitigate risks. Learn more here.

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HCCA’s 26th Annual Compliance Institute Highlights

For a complete list of highlights and information, download this free eBrief for some important updates and valuable insight right from our compliance expert's personal notes.

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Hospice Benefits and How to Prevent Overpayments

Recently the OIG did an audit and estimated at least $8.3 million in Medicare reimbursement for hospice services that were not compliant. Learn more in this in-depth webinar.

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Compliance Conversations: Pathways to Compliance

Host, CJ Wolf, and compliance specialist, Brian Burton, talked about what got them into compliance and how different that can look for so many.



The Promising Future (and Risks) of Genetics in Healthcare

As genetics become more popular and easy to access, so are its compliance risks. Read this eBrief for more information.

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Electro-acupuncture & the Compliance Problem

Download this eBrief to get the scoop on recent settlements and how you can avoid getting slammed for noncompliance.

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Compliance Risks of Spine Injections

Get the scoop on recent spine injection settlements and find out how you can help your organization to avoid medically unnecessary spine injections.

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How to Get the Most Out of HCCA CI Conference

This webinar will show you how to take advantage of networking opportunities, key topics, trends, and everything you might have missed during HCCA CI's 2022 conference.

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Compliance Conversations: The Gray Areas of HIPAA

Host, CJ Wolf, and guest, Brian Burton, chatted about HIPAA and the highly nuanced field of mental health.



OIG Work Plan Updates: February 2022

The OIG's Work Plan updates for February 2022 include COVID-19 funding, nursing home emergency prepardness, biosimiliars, and Medicare.

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The OIG's Modernization Efforts eBrief

Get the summarized scoop and all the main talking points from what the OIG's efforts are behind trying to modernize their content and website.

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Tips & Resources: Your Compliance Training Program

Get a quick and straightforward guide on evaluating your compliance training program in this short eBrief.

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Use OIG Hospital Audits to Prevent Overpayments

Two back-to-back webinars that will dive deep into the hospital audits and a software demo that you can use to show how to prevent overpayments.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: January 2022

The OIG's Work Plan updates for January 2022 include COVID-19 relief funding, hospice eligibility, and cost report oversight.

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Cybersecurity and Compliance: Friends or Foes?

Healthicity teams up with Cyvtar to learn how cybersecurity and compliance go hand in hand. Tackling them simultaneously will make your job easier.

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The OIG’s Modernization Efforts Explained

The OIG is modernizing and asking compliance professionals for help. Watch this webinar and get a first-hand account of what the OIG hopes to achieve.

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Overpayment Rule & Deciphering Credible Information

Read about overpayments, details on the Final Rule, definitions of "credible information," and Medicare fraud in this free eBrief.

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