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Clinical Justifications for Ordering Diagnostic Tests

Ordering diagnostic tests is often part of creating a personalized mental health treatment but failing to document why tests were ordered can land providers in hot water.

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Podcast: Clinical Research Billing and Your Revenue Cycle

A CPA specializing in finance, shares stumbling blocks many organizations don’t anticipate in our latest Compliance Conversations episode.



How Does Information Blocking Affect HIPAA?

What’s the difference between HIPAA rules on what is allowed vs. what must be shared according to information blocking rules? This eBrief covers this.

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Healthcare Coding Changes Starting January 2023

Our crew has reviewed these E/M coding changes and are ready to share what you’ve gotta know to be ready to roll in 2023.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: August 2022

August's OIG Work Plan updates include nursing home personnel shortages, clinical lab requirements, & Medicare payments for lab tests.

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HIPAA Series Part 4: Risk Analysis

As a compliance officer, you need to be aware of the HIPAA Security Rule requirements and to have a plan to manage any risks or threats that come your way.

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Best Practices for Healthcare Compliance in Nursing Facilities

Learn about up-to-date best practices for meeting the unique challenges these compliance officers can face in nursing facilities while gaining 1.2 CCB CEUs.

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HIPAA Series Part 3: Technical Safeguards

See how technical safeguards affect your risk assessments and read detailed findings from the $5 million ePHI breach.

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Stress Relief: 19 Ideas for Healthcare Professionals

Use this practical list to de-stress and protect your mental health, share it with others in your office, or use it as a friendly reminder.

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Podcast: Coding and Billing in Nephrology

Kristen Poat, RHIT, is our guest in this podcast episode. She manages auditing and compliance for a nephrology clinic in Illinois.



The Govt. Wants You to Embrace Data Analytics

Christi Grimm, the HHS Inspector General, recently shared important insight about the future of data in healthcare compliance. Fellow compliance professionals, we have our marching orders.

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The 2022 Compliance and Auditing Survey Results

We’ll have a chat with five of our subject matter experts, who will go through some of the 2022 top-level findings from both compliance and auditing sides.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: July 2022

For the full scoop on the OIG’s latest goals for July 2022 learn everything you need to know about urinary catheters, opioid use annual review, and vaccine confidence strategy.

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Podcast: Living in a Post-COVID-19 Compliance World

Host CJ Wolf MD sat down with Nick Merkin JD to talk about value, proof, and living in a post-COVID-19 compliance world.



Best Practices for Healthcare Compliance in Hospitals

This webinar will dive into how hospitals add an extra layer of complications when it comes to healthcare compliance. CCB CEU available.

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The Art of Coding & Auditing Radiation Oncology

Are you someone who does Radiation Oncology audits? We have this short and sweet eBrief to help you along the way.

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Take it Back to the Basics to Take the Edge Off

Download this eBrief to learn how to find the answers to complex solutions by revisiting some age-old principles such as truth, trust, and transparency.

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Podcast: How to Pass a Radiation Oncology Audit

Guest and expert medical auditor La Tanya McNair will show you how to pass a Radiation Oncology audit with flying colors.



OIG Work Plan Updates: June 2022

Featured items in the June OIG work plan update includes Indian Health Service sanitation program, mental health services, Medicaid and maternal health, MACs and cost reports.

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An Auditor’s Guide to Radiation Oncology Coding

Learn how to audit Radiation Oncology services including OIG penalties, carcinomas and radiation therapy, and Isodose Plans and treatment.

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HIPAA Security Rule: Protecting PHI

In part 2 of our HIPAA Security Series we tackle the basic steps to protect PHI through physical safeguards.

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Taking it Back to the Basics

This webinar that looks back on the basics of compliance will benefit both the beginning compliance professional and the experienced one. CCB CEU available.

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Podcast: Realities of a Compliance Career

For an honest and informative dialogue on what it's really like to spend your days in compliance.



How States Enforce Non-Compliance

Prevent non-compliance issues by learning enforcement and activity efforts at the state level operated by the OIG and strategies for staying on top. CCB CEU available.

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