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Podcast: Our Guest Interviews Our Host CJ Wolf

The interviewer turns interviewee in this interesting discussion on compliance careers, relationships, and managing effective compliance programs.



New Enforcement Push: Individual Accountability

The DOJ has made it clear that individuals will be held accountable – so what do compliance professionals need to know about the DOJ’s efforts?

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Answers to Your E/M Coding & Time-Based Services Questions

We tackled your 20+ questions from our recent E/M coding and time-based services webinar – get our answers!

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DOJ Actions Against Hospitals: What to Know

Register for this webinar to get insights that can guide your compliance program’s risk assessments, education efforts, and auditing plans.

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Podcast: What Can Compliance Learn from Other Industries?

Don’t miss this conversation with Asha Muldro, a former federal prosecutor and compliance expert, as she and CJ Wolf tackle a range of timely issues.



OIG Work Plan Updates: December 2022

Find more details about reporting of monetary donations in research, opioid treatment programs, and rebates for Part B drugs.

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Insights from the OIG’s Semiannual Report to Congress

Does saving $4 billion taxpayer dollars sound good? The OIG believes they can do just that, and they highlighted those efforts in their latest report to Congress.

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What Are Your New Year’s Compliance Resolutions?

We put together a list of four New Year’s resolutions – with a twist! As you might be able to guess, the twist is that the resolutions are related to compliance.

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Compliance Naughty and Nice Lists

We made a list, we checked it twice...Find out who made our compliance nice list and who is stuck on the naughty list!

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Answers to Your Questions on Radiation Oncology Coding

We’re tackling your questions from our radiation oncology webinar – check out all our answers to your insightful inquiries.

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Compliance Programs Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

Join us for an impactful webinar to discuss strategies for addressing compliance risks associated with opioids.

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2022 Healthcare Compliance Checkup Report

We surveyed hundreds of healthcare compliance professionals to create a roundup of stats, trends, and insights for 2022.

Podcast: Maximizing Clinical & Compliance Collaboration

Listen to CJ Wolf and Jay McVean as they discuss effective ways to foster deeper teamwork between clinical teams & compliance professionals.



OIG Work Plan Updates: November 2022

The HHS OIG added 11 new items to their Work Plan. We reviewed these new items and included key updates that could affect your organization.

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2022 Healthcare Auditing Checkup Report

Get exclusive insights from our survey of hundreds of healthcare auditing professionals. We’re giving you an inside look into what auditors are facing today.

E/M Coding and Other Time-Based Services

We’re giving you insights and best practices so you can feel confident documenting and billing time-based services.

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OIG Findings on Overpayments at Critical Access Hospitals

What did the OIG find when it audited over 40,000 Medicare Part B claims at critical access hospitals? Overpayments to the tune of nearly $1 million.

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2022 Annual Healthcare Checkup Report

What did 2022 hold for compliance and auditing professionals? We surveyed hundreds of industry insiders to gather their predictions for the year ahead.

Finding Gratitude in Compliance Programs & Professionals

We’re taking a moment to celebrate all the compliance-related things we’re grateful for – no, seriously!

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Your Guide to Reports in Audit Manager

From detailed provider and coder reports to competency and findings reports, we’re showing you how to maximize the possibilities of Audit Manager.

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How 2023 Healthcare Coding Changes Affect Compliance

This webinar is specifically for compliance professionals so you can feel ready for what’s around the corner. CCB CEU available.

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Podcast: Growing as a Leader in the Face of Change

If the only constant in healthcare is change, how do you develop as a leader in the midst of nonstop evolution? We invited healthcare industry expert to share his thoughts.



Lessons from OIG Hospital Compliance Audits

Wondering what the OIG found during its audit of 12 hospitals? We’re giving you an overview of their report detailing lessons learned and common errors.

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Creating Successful Audits From Start to Finish

Wondering how to maximize your audit results? We’ll give you a hint – it starts with a strong audit set up process. We'll walk you through maximizing your audit opportunities!

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