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Answers to Your Modifier 25 Webinar Questions

We tackle questions on modifier 25 from everything to reporting multiple codes, new patient visits, and clarification between several modifiers.

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Spreadsheet Shortcuts 101

Does the word “spreadsheet” make you think of never-ending cells, formulas, and tabs? Have no fear, we have the webinar for you.

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Compliance Pitfalls of Psychotherapy in Nursing Homes

Upcoding, documentation, and medical necessity. These are all key compliance aspects of treating nursing home residents with psychiatric conditions.

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Implications of Private Equity’s Involvement in Healthcare

Is private equity a help or a hindrance to healthcare compliance? Tune in to this episode of Compliance Conversations to find out what the experts think.



Highlights from the 2023 HCCA Compliance Institute

Here it is – CJ Wolf’s list of the “greatest hits” from the 2023 HCCA Compliance Institute! Compare notes here.

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April 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates

April 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates include the audit of COVID-19 funds, remote patient monitoring services, & the OIG's toolkit on identifying patient harm.

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Top 5 Takeaways from the 2023 HCCA CI

The HCCA’s annual Compliance Institute is like going to “Compliance College” — so what did we learn this year? Watch our webinar to find out.

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Clinical Documentation Improvement

CDIs are a crucial part of the healthcare compliance and coding world. Let’s take a look at what it is and how to optimize it in your organization.



Why Mental Health Licensure & Supervision are Critical

Get a look at one of the largest publicly disclosed government healthcare fraud settlements ever – and the role that mental health played in the situation.

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Sanction and Exclusion Best Practices for 2023

Get the inside scoop on our new Sanction and Exclusion check solution! Watch the webinar now.

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Updates to DOJ’s Compliance Program Evaluation

The DOJ made some changes to their guidance on evaluating compliance programs – we wrote about the insights you need to be aware of. Download here.

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Federal Expectations for Compliance Program Reviews

Jumpstart your compliance program effectiveness review with these expert insights and forward-looking strategies from someone 40 years in the field.



Incentivizing Compliance – Smart Move or Steer Clear?

If the word “incentive” makes your compliance radar go off, you’re not alone. But it isn’t a bad thing, and it can boost your program’s effectiveness.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Modifier 25

Medical coders and auditors – it’s time to talk about Modifier 25. Watch our webinar to discuss what it is, when to use it, and what CMS says about it.

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March 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates

Emergency preparedness is essential in every healthcare function, but especially in nursing homes – and the OIG agrees. Read their updates here.

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Should the Board Be Involved in Your Compliance Program?

Tune in to this podcast episode to find out why board-level collaboration can benefit not just your program, but your entire organization.



MGMA Financial and Operations Conference Wrap Up

We went to MGMA’s 2023 Financial and Operations Conference – here’s our summary of some vital compliance discussions that happened at the event.

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10 Ways to Tackle Medical Coding Staffing Shortages

There’s no end to staffing shortages in healthcare. Medical coders & billers are in high demand, but how do you keep and retain coding professionals?

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The Insider Track on HCCA’s Upcoming Events

HCCA’s 2023 Annual Compliance Institute is around the corner. We asked Adam Turteltaub, the Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer for HCCA what to expect!



February 2023 OIG Work Plan Updates

The OIG's Work Plan Updates for February 2023 involve Medicare enrollment data, nursing homes’ use of antipsychotic medications, and payments to providers.

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Key Data Points from HHS OCR Reports on HIPAA Breaches

HIPAA data breach – those 3 words scare any compliance professional. Check out our insights on 2 new reports related to HIPAA breaches from the HHS OCR.

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Understanding 13 Different Audit Types and Functions

With so many types of healthcare audits, it’s hard to keep up. So, we created a resource with a quick & easy overview of different audit types & functions.

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Compliance Considerations for the End of the PHE

Join us for an upcoming webinar to help you prepare for upcoming changes and requirements tied to the PHE.

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Attorney Insights on Today’s Pressing Compliance Issues

Two attorneys and a compliance expert sit down for a chat – what happens next? Find out on this episode of Compliance Conversations!