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Discover a wealth of best practices and real-world examples on how you can simplify your auditing, compliance, coding and training challenges.

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Managing Compliance in a Dynamic Business Environment

Learn current compliance concerns, strategies to manage your modern program and finally, delivering efficiency, effectiveness, and agility using a compliance management platform.

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What Audits & Investigations Can We Expect in The New Normal?

By knowing what the OIG will be auditing and investigating in the months and years ahead, you’ll be able to assure your organization’s compliance.

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Time-Based Coding: A Healthicity Cheatsheet

We simplify the confusion on time-based codes, code by code, and provide guidance on the CPT® Midpoint Rule, time for counseling of care, and services coded based on time.


Warning Signs: Takeaways from Recent OCR Settlements

We’ve rounded up some of the most newsworthy settlements of 2020 to give you an idea of where the government’s enforcement strategies are focused

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Don’t Overlook the Dangers of Overpayments

Effective compliance programs are likely to discover overpayments during their proactive audits or over the course of an incident investigation.

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Educate Providers & Eliminate Documentation Gaps

Medical record documentation should be clear and concise but also simplify the revenue cycle but training is no small feat. CEU available.

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Clinical Practice Compliance Conference: The Greatest Hits

Our compliance expert shares his notes from some of his favorite sessions during HCCA’s Clinical Practice Compliance Conference 2020.

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The 2021 ICD-10-CM and PCS Updates, Explained

We've identified some of the most important 2021 ICD-10 & PCS changes, broken down by chapters and codes, all in this handy guide.


2021 E/M Changes: What Compliance Pros Should Know

The most significant EM coding changes will go into effect in 2021. Compliance officers will rely on experts for the changes going into effect.

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ICD-10-CM, Explained (Part 7)

This ICD-10-CM explainer is a quick reference guide to help you more efficiently and accurately code.


How to Comply with the DOJ’s Guidance on Incident Reporting

Let us do the hard reading and we will give you all the important takeaways from the DOJ's newest guidance report.

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2021 E/M Changes: Everything Else You Should Know

To ensure you and your organization will be ready for the overhaul to the new E/M guidelines, be sure to register. CEU purchase available.

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ICD-10-CM, Explained (Part 6)

This mini ICD-10-CM refresher course examines Injury, Poisoning, & Other Consequences of External Causes and External Causes of Morbidity.


How COVID Has Exposed HIPAA Compliance Risks

If you have questions about how to approach your risk assessment this year, watch this webinar where we’ll help you answer those questions and gain a CCB CEU.

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Your E/M Critical Care Questions, Answered

Find some of the answers to the most asked questions we get regarding E/M critical care in this quick-reference resource.

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Everything You Should Know About the 2021 E/M Changes

Let us help you prepare for the new 2021 E/M calculations that are set to go into effect January 1, 2021. CEU purchase available.

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Why Technology is the Key to Meeting DOJ Guidance

We're simplifying the DOJ’s updated guidance on corporate compliance programs for your convenience in this webinar.

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2020 Compliance Program Benchmark Report

Inside this report you'll find answers and national averages to 30 of the most important questions and metrics for an effective, and sustainable compliance program.



Highlights from the CMS 2021 Proposed Rules

Get our auditing experts highlights from the CMS's 2021 Proposed Rule featuring Evaluation & Management, Telehealth and Teaching Physician Rules.

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How to Properly Protect and Manage Your PPP Funds

We are here to help you maintain compliance and answer your questions if you have applied–or are thinking of applying–for PPP funds.

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The Story Behind an E/M and Procedure Audit

We’ll show you how other organizations are using compliance best practices to improve their bottom line. CEU purchase available.

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The COVID-19 Compliance Risk Assessment

This interactive Excel document will help you and your team assess, monitor, and measure the compliance in your organization.

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2020 Annual Coder and Auditor Benchmark Report

This new report will provide greater insight into the role coders and auditors play in their organizations, the challenges they face, and what productivity looks like.



HIPAA Compliance Checklist

This interactive Excel document includes 27 elements that we recommend every organization has covered in order to be HIPAA compliant.

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