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Unlocking the Benefits of an Effective Governing Board

Understand your board's responsibilities, best practices to maximize their role and lessons learned from boards who failed. CCB CEU available.

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2021 E/M Changes: Part 2

We’re focusing this second installment on the impacts the new 2021 E/M changes have had (or will have) to your revenue cycle.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: 2021’s Most Notable News

Now that we are a few months into the new year, we're covering and breaking down some of the most important new 2021 OIG Work Plan items.

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How are Your 2021 E/M Audits Looking So Far?

We’ll share with you the results of a case study we performed on a large healthcare organization pre-2021 implementation, and post implementation. CEU available.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: Indian Health Services

The IHS has proven themselves effective during the pandemic. Hear the OIG's work plan updates and we'll provide insights into IHS’s strategy.

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2021 E/M Changes: Part 1

Learn about the impact beyond coding & documentation pertaining to the new 2021 E/M coding guidelines.

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Actionable Insights for Physician Groups

This webinar focuses on compliance program guidance from OIG documents for services and providers typically found within physician groups. Watch for CCB CEU.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: Long Term Care

If you’re a compliance professional working in a LTC or SNF, we’ve got a whole bunch of new Work Plan items you’ll want to read.

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What the OIG Exposed During Their Compliance Reviews

This webinar will provide content on the most recent Hospital Compliance Reviews performed by the OIG. Watch for CCB CEU.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: Hospitals

If you are a compliance professional working in a hospital setting, we recommend proactively looking at the items the OIG has recently added to their work plan.

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Infusion Coding Cheat Sheet

Inside you’ll find our four step process that aims to identify the intricate details that every infusion coder should look out for.

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Sharing PHI During a Public Health Emergency

The OCR has released new guidance on the disclosing of protected health information due to COVID-19. Watch for CCB CEU.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: COVID-19

Let’s dive in and take a quick look at what’s in store by the OIG when it comes to COVID.

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Effective Program Guidance for Hospitals & Health Systems

We’re such big fans of continuing education, especially in our shared love in compliance, we want to help you brush up on your OIG-recommended knowledge.

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Special Fraud Alerts: What You Need to Know

This webinar will focus on the OIG's recent Special Fraud Alert regarding Speaker Programs, where healthcare professionals present drug or device info.

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Using the 2021 E/M Time Calculation

Understand how and when to apply the new Prolonged Codes and master the new 2021 office/other outpatient E/M guidelines.


The Hazards of Being HIPAA Complacent

Don’t be so complacent and think that HIPAA compliance has been forgotten during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Highlights from the 2021 MPFS Final Rule

Two of your favorite experts analyze and explain the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule changes in this easy-to-digest thought leadership download.


Ask An Auditor Anything, Part 2

Coding and auditing questions answered live for upcoming changes in the 2021 healthcare landscape. CEU available.

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A Pro’s Guide to Conducting Your Annual SRA

Hear about project management and risk assessments, and how organizations should “initiate a project, then execute, monitor, control, and close."



Report from the AMA CPT® and RBRVS Symposium, 2020

Get our auditing expert's view into what we can all expect next year and beyond, and to read about her personal list of CPT conference highlights.


A $6 Billion Fraud Bust, Explained

Before we welcome 2021, we thought we’d take one last look at the trends we saw via DOJ enforcement, to better understand what to expect in the new year ahead.

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Your Secret to Mastering the 2021 E/M Changes

2 experts show you how Audit Manager can get your team ready for the 2021 E/M changes, and ensure your organization’s revenue is accurate.

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What’s in Store for Compliance Programs in 2021

In an effort to help clarify what the future might hold for compliance programs, this interactive presentation will show you some of our expectations for the year ahead.

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