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Medical Coding & Auditing Reporting Systems

This webinar will show you key features and effective medical coding and auditing reporting systems while creating robust scoring systems.

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OIG GCPG: HIPAA & Information Blocking

The OIG is emphasizing the importance of HIPAA compliance & information blocking in its GCPG – stay in the know with our webinar and gain a CCB CEU as well.

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Insider Insights: HCCA & HEALTHCON Recap

Explore the latest insights & trends in healthcare compliance from HCCA's Compliance Institute and AAPC's HEALTHCON in our comprehensive conference recap!


April 2024 OIG Work Plan Updates

Discover the latest updates from the OIG's April 2024 Work Plan, featuring crucial audits and reviews in Medicaid payments, pharmacy benefit management, and peripheral vascular procedures.

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Data Analytics for Proactive Compliance Management

The OIG's GCPG suggests entities should get comfortable with data analytics. Discover how it's reshaping the landscape in our exclusive webinar session!

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OIG’s GCPG Compliance Leadership Roadmap

Catch the highlights from a pivotal keynote by Robert K. DeConti and important insights from the OIG’s General Compliance Program Guidance.

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New Insights from the OIG on GCPG

Explore actionable insights from HCCA's Compliance Institute on managing risks and enhancing compliance in today's complex healthcare landscape.

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Critical Care Anywhere: Exploring Tele-ICU's Impact

Discover how Tele-ICU is revolutionizing access to critical care in remote areas with expert Jeni Colarusso on this episode of Compliance Conversations.


4 Pillars of Compliance Education & Training

Discover the blueprint for compliance education and training straight from the OIG's General Compliance Program Guidance in our exclusive white paper!

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The ABCs of ABNs

Common pitfalls in ABN compliance can have serious implications. Keisha Wilson highlights these risks and how to avoid them in this podcast episode.


HCCA & AAPC’s 2024 Premier Spring Events

Gear up for growth and learning with the industry’s leading conferences at the HCCA Compliance Institute and AAPC’s HEALTHCON 2024!

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March 2024 OIG Work Plan Updates

Discover the latest OIG Work Plan updates for March 2024, focusing on critical reviews in nursing home safety and medication cost management.

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The Credentialing Conundrum

Delve into the world of credentialing in healthcare, uncovering expert insights, and solutions for navigating the complexities with confidence.


Strategies for Mastering G2211

Elevate your coding skills with our in-depth exploration of G2211 billing! We break down everything you need to know - from definition to application.

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Demystifying Coverage for MNT Services

Navigating Medicare's coverage for Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) can be complex. Gain clarity on Medicare's criteria for MNT coverage in this eBrief.

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Legal and Compliance, The Great Divide?

The HHS OIG wants Legal and Compliance to maintain some boundaries – but how do you ensure you’re following OIG’s best practices?  

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Identifying Coding Compliance Risks Within Your Organization

Uncover the secrets to spotting coding compliance red flags with our guest Leslie Boles in this episode of Compliance Conversations!


HR & Compliance - A Symbiotic Powerhouse 

Discover the key role HR professionals play in ensuring ethical practices and regulatory adherence in our Healthcare HR Week eBrief!

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ICD-11 Benefits, Challenges, & Stakeholder Perspectives

Are we ready for ICD to go from 10 to 11? Our latest eBrief covers key considerations for a potential shift in the healthcare industry.

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February 2024 OIG Work Plan Updates

The OIG's work plan updates for February 2024 include HHS grant payments, background checks, and the All of Us Research Program.

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A Deep Dive into Biometrics and Compliance

From revolutionizing access control to preventing fraud, this episode unveils the powerful impact of biometrics on the compliance landscape & healthcare industry.


HEALTHCON 2024 Takes Center Stage in Vegas

Dive into the our preview of the coding extravaganza of HEALTHCON 2024 on the dazzling Las Vegas Strip, where knowledge is the ultimate jackpot!

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OIG Scrutiny: Compliance Insights for Health Care Newcomers

Discover key insights into healthcare compliance for newcomers, unraveling OIG's latest insights, and addressing the unique challenges they face.

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OIG GCPG: Direction on Consequences & Incentives

Let’s explore the fine balance of consequences and incentives to encourage adherence to your compliance program according to the OIG's GCPG. 

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