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Medicaid Audits, Lab Fee Schedules & Grant Compliance

Read our most recent eBrief that highlights the OIG's recent updates including ABA services, POS codes and NIH grant funds.

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How Your Compliance Program Can Improve Patient Care & Outcomes

We’ll leverage data, case studies, and our own to experiences to explain how compliance officers have the power to help improve their patients’ safety and quality of care. CCB CEU available.

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How the DOJ’s Crackdown on Lab Testing Could Impact You

The government has ratched up its efforts to investigate potential false claims violations by laboratories of all shapes and sizes. See what that could mean for you. CCB CEU available.

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2021 Annual Compliance Benchmark Report

Inside, you'll find answers and national averages to 40 of the most important questions and metrics for an effective compliance program.

Solutions for Your Risk Adjustment Workflow Struggles

Decrease your risk adjustment headaches with our workflow solutions delivered by our Risk Adjustment expert, Jennifer Hill. CEU available.

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HCCA’s Research Compliance Conference: My Favorite Sessions

Get our compliance expert's summarys and highlights from the sessions he attended at the 2021 HCCA Research Compliance Conference.

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2021 State of Medical Coding & Auditing Report

Inside, you’ll find pro tips on what you can do to improve, commentary on where the healthcare industry is headed, and tons of data points to dive into.

What CO's Should Know About Incident-to Billing

Learn how to see the potential risks facing your compliance program and leverage enforcement cases where “incident-to” billing was done inappropriately. CCB CEU available.

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The Impacts of the 2021 E/M Changes: Bundle

Here you will find a bundle of all of our “2021 E/M Changes: The Impact Beyond Coding & Documentation,” eBriefs that talk about EHR system preparedness, KPIs, work-flow disruption, and more.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: Q2 Roundup

A roundup of the OIG's most important work plan updates thus far into Q2 2021.

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A New Way for You to Approach the 2021 E/M Guidelines

In these three easy steps we will help auditors think more like a clinician and truly understand who the patient is.

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2021 Annual Compliance & Auditing Benchmark Report

Dive into 2021's Annual State of Compliance and Auditing data visualization, pro tips, and benchmarking data provided by more than 1,200 respondents.

Recent Enforcement of Mental Health Services

We summarize the latest settlements, proactive audits, and proposed Work Plan items regarding mental health services in 2021. CCB CEU available.

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2021 E/M Changes: Part 4

In this final installment we’re shifting our focus to how the E/M changes are impacting your organization’s existing work-flows, before wrapping up with some final takeaways.

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Compliance Institute 2021: My Favorite Sessions

Inside, you can read our compliance expert's thoughts on some of his favorite 2021 HCCA sessions that he was able to attend along with links to their powerpoint decks.

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The State of Coding, Auditing, and Compliance in 2021

Our team of experts will dive into our 2021 survey results to discuss the trends, common hurdles, and the many opportunities you have to improve your organization.

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Effective Incident, Assessment, & Training Management

We dedicated this webinar to the importance of risk assessments, incident reporting and management, and ongoing employee training. CCB CEU available.

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HCCA 2021: Government Enforcement Updates

Get our compliance officer's personal notes from his favorite speakers during the 2021 HCCA Compliance Institute.

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2021 E/M Changes: Part 3

We’re focusing this third installment on how coders' and auditors' use their data for benchmarking and KPIs since the start of the pandemic.

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The Untold Synergy Between GRC and ESG Programs

If ESG is something that’s been on your radar, this webinar will discuss parallels between ESG & GRC and the potential impacts to your organization. CCB CEU available.

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Unlocking the Benefits of an Effective Governing Board

Understand your board's responsibilities, best practices to maximize their role and lessons learned from boards who failed. CCB CEU available.

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2021 E/M Changes: Part 2

We’re focusing this second installment on the impacts the new 2021 E/M changes have had (or will have) to your revenue cycle.

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OIG Work Plan Updates: 2021’s Most Notable News

Now that we are a few months into the new year, we're covering and breaking down some of the most important new 2021 OIG Work Plan items.

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How are Your 2021 E/M Audits Looking So Far?

We’ll share with you the results of a case study we performed on a large healthcare organization pre-2021 implementation, and post implementation. CEU available.

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