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Discover a wealth of best practices and real-world examples on how you can simplify your auditing, compliance, coding and training challenges.

4 Signs Your Compliance Program is at Risk

When it comes to your organization’s compliance, the best thing to do is to continually search for opportunities to optimize. Learn strategies here.

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Annual State of Compliance and Auditing Roundtable

Hear our panel dive into the survey results and discuss the trends, common challenges, and the opportunities you have to improve your organization in the year ahead. CEU available.

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Master the OIG Resource Guide & Improve Your Effectiveness

Learn how to interpret the OIG Resource Guide, prioritize the measures according to your own needs, and much, much more. CEU available.

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How NOT to Leave Money on the Table in 2018

Learn how to use tools to identify learning opportunities, measure your providers against national trends, and improve your bottom line.

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Tools to Customize Your Compliance Program

Learn how to use software to perform effectiveness reviews, customize audits and compliance efforts, and demonstrate compliance.

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To Code or Not to Code: Understanding Critical Care

Decipher a physician's MDM to determine whether to report the patient as either high level E/M services or critical care with a CEU credit available for purchase. 

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Essential Steps to Post-Audit Education

Hear from auditing expert, Stephani Scott, who explains how to approach post-audit education like a pro in this podcast episode.

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The Worst Compliance Advice You Could Ever Give

I’ve been given great compliance advice from wonderful mentors and supervisors. But, I’ve also heard some pretty terrible advice, too.

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What I Learned at the AMA CPT Symposium

For symposium highlights for E/M services, revised endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair codes, new modifiers in the spotlight: 96 and 97.

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Revisiting the 60-day Rule

Learn how you can use what we’ve learned in the past two years to protect your organization from civil/criminal liabilities.

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14 Procedure Checklists to Assure Your Accuracy

Increase audit accuracy and streamline your audit process with these procedure checklists. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much of a positive change it will have on your work life.

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Benchmarking Your Way to Compliance

CJ Wolf, Healthicity's Sr. Compliance Executive, sat down and chatted with Marci Swenson, compliance and healthcare law expert to talk tips for 2018.

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E/M Auditing: A Practical Guide to History of Present Illness

Get details on handling the sticky HPI portion of medical records and its impact with a CEU credit available for purchase. 

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Five Compliance Resolutions for the New Year

Get a full list of compliance resolutions for your compliance program in the new yar and an in-depth explanation about the importance of each one.

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Your Guide to Clarifying Modifier 59

Clear up the confusion and increase audit accuracy with Modifier 59.

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Mission Critical: Conducting Compliance Investigations

These tips aren't top secret but find them here and learn how to conduct a stealthy and effective investigation.

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Talking Compliance Culture

CJ Wolf, Healthicity's Sr. Compliance Executive, sat down and chatted with Rudy Green, the compliance officer at the University of Texas in Austin. 

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2017 OIG Work Plan Updates, Simplified

Join our webinar to help prepare your compliance program's annual risk assessments and creating annual audit work plans in preparation for 2018.

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Modifier 25: Unraveling E/M Services

Learn when it’s appropriate to use Modifier 25 with a CEU credit available for purchase. 

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Smart Strategies for Managing Your Compliance Program

Watch this webinar for the latest best practices for compliance programs in physician practices according to the OIG. CEU available.

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How to Navigate Pediatric Coding Mistakes

Discussion on concerns in a pediatric practice and how to prevent pitfalls in preventive services. CEU available.

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How to Build Influence and Win at Compliance

Understanding the business of influence with these no-nonsense ways for compliance officers to increase their influence without using authority.

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The Price of Non-Compliance

A thorough guide that will help the professionals in your organization to see why compliance is so crucial for protecting your bottom line.

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Conduct an Effective Audit of Your Compliance Program

Watch this webinar for insights into how compliance software can help track your annual compliance program audit work plan.

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