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Healthicity is about delivering solutions that simplify your working life. To help solve your challenges, we design governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) solutions for hospitals, health systems, physician groups and other healthcare organizations. We believe that by changing the way you approach your challenges you can change your ability to solve those challenges.

Hospital Icon  Hospitals 

Every hospital knows the importance of an effective compliance program. You probably also know how difficult it is to maintain an effective program with multiple disparate tools. Which is why we created Compliance Manager, the only healthcare-centric GRC platform to integrate an LMS, incident management, and HIPAA risk assessments into a single application.

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Health System Icon  Health Systems

Health systems face unique challenges when creating an effective compliance program. But just because your organization is made up of different healthcare organization types across multiple locations, doesn't mean your compliance program needs multiple tools. Compliance Manager can simplify the management of your program, no matter how complex your health system is.

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Physician Group Icon  Physician Groups

If your physician group collects Medicare or Medicaid reimbursements, you're required to have an effective compliance program. We help over 100 physician groups like yours manage your whole program, whether you have a single location or 100 across multiple states. From employee training to medical chart audits and HIPAA risk assessments, you'll have total oversight of your risks, and the tools to manage them.  

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Payer Icon  Payers

Every payer is responsible for effectively managing its costs and risks. In order to do so, having an effective compliance program in place is at the top of most administrators' lists. Our GRC solution offers an integrated system to help you manage policies and procedures, identify potential risks, train your employees, and process claims to ensure the accuracy of the providers in your network.

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Long-term Care Icon  Long-term Care

Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities, under the ADA, have have been tasked with employing more resources to ensure effective compliance. Your unique organizations are now required to help detect violations, wherever they occur. Which is why we designed our platform to cover the OIG’s seven elements of effective compliance, all within a single application.

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Lab & Pharmacy Icon  Labs & Pharmacies

Conducting lab tests and administering the nation’s drug supply chain is complex enough. Layer on top of that new and evolving regulations enforced by state and federal governments, and your business operations become immensely complex. At Healthicity, we design a suite of compliance solutions to help organizations like yours find simplicity.  

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Tech & Service Provider Icon  Tech & Service Providers

Those of us serving as partners and business associates to healthcare providers know first-hand the difficulties they face. Regulatory changes, HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, OCR Audits. The list of your challenges goes on. To help your clients ensure compliance, we have solutions that can help you reduce claims denials, train workforces, and conduct risk assessments.  

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