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Pro Fee Medical Auditing Software

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Introducing Audit Manager.

Streamline the way you manage audits by merging audit workflow, management, education and reporting into one easy-to-use, web-based solution. Designed by auditors, for auditors, Audit Manager allows you to audit on your terms through immediate reporting, template customization, and total oversight of your entire audit program.



Identify Revenue

Evaluate financial impact. Minimize denials and identify up to 10%, per provider, in missed revenue with extensive reporting and analytics tools.


Increase Efficiency

Improve your auditing efficiency by up to 40%. Reduce the amount of time you spend completing audits with our user-friendly interface.


Improve Accuracy

Customize your audit templates. Include your own standards, MAC carrier guidelines and claim scrubber tech for ideal results.

Software Features


Cloud-based Access

Never install software again. Access your audit tools, assignments, reports and training from anywhere, any time.

Flexible Audit Management

Experience total oversight of your entire audit program. View the status, and each associated status, of every audit, by any auditor.

E/M Calculator

Save time with every audit. Automatically calculate E/M codes with a built-in calculator while you audit.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."



Capture and create clean, professional reports on every aspect, of any completed audit.

Education Modules

Enjoy pain-free training. Track and report deficiencies on core competencies, and access training modules based on the outcome of audits.

Customizable Templates

Ensure consistent language across your audit staff. Create your own customized audit findings/recommendations comment templates.

Audit Coders & Providers

Audit anyone with the click of a button. Easily identify and sort your coders and providers, then start your customized audit.

Risk Adjustment

Automatically complete your risk adjustment audits more efficiently. Then, deliver your audit results back to your provider or coder with clean, professional looking reports.

Premium Reporting

Our add-on premium reporting can help you analyze claim and audit data to identify gaps and patterns! To see Premium Reporting in action, check out this webinar.

Product Info Downloads

Software Video

Analytics Manager Video

With the power of Analytics, you can streamline the cumbersome process of determining which providers to audit. Watch the video demo here.

Product Brochure

Audit Manager Brochure

Meet the only intelligent, all-in-one medical auditing software solution that can improve your audit efficiency by up to 40%.


Streamlining Your Audit Workflow with Technology

New auditing software can turn you into an auditing rock star. But there is plenty to consider before taking the leap.


Know Who to Audit and When

Real-life examples of common coding errors and a demonstration of how predictive medical auditing analytics can reduce your risk in this demo webinar.

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