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The 2021 State of Medical Coding & Auditing Report

How Do Your Coding and Auditing Efforts Stack Up in 2021?

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Last year we conducted a survey of over 1,200 healthcare professionals. Those who took the survey included everyone from auditors and coders to revenue cycle managers and chief compliance officers. And you may have even been one of them. In an effort to provide the most relevant and accurate data, each respondent is asked questions based on their specific role within their organization.

And now, we’re excited to release 2021’s “The 2021 State of Medical Coding & Auditing Report.” We hope you use this benchmark report to see how you and your organization stacks up against your fellow coders, auditors, or managers. Inside, you’ll also find pro tips on what you can do to improve, commentary on where the healthcare industry is headed, and tons of data points to dive into, including:

  • 30% of Organizations Do Not Conduct Provider Audits
  • 81% of Audits Include a Written Report of the Results
  • 85% of You Communicate Audit Results Back to Providers 100% of the Time
  • 34% of Respondents are Using Auditing Software to Improve Your Efficiency

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