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3 PowerPoint Templates for Busy Compliance Pros

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As compliance professionals, we wear a lot of hats. Whether we’re unwittingly thrown into the position, or have always had a keen interest in maintaining rules and regulations, there’s a lot on our plates. At all times.

We get it. So much so, that we decided to save you some time.

When we sat down to discuss what we could create that that would be of value, and make you a more effective communicator, and save you time, we had an epiphany.

I know from my own experience that with all the projects you have on your plate, building a fancy PowerPoint presentation to communicate the importance of compliance is that last thing you want to do. So, we went ahead and created the customizable presentation templates for you. We hope these handy templates can help you out in a pinch the next time you have to:

  • Educate New Employees on Your Compliance Program
  • Conduct Annual Compliance Training for Existing Employees
  • Communicate your Program Effectiveness to the Board

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