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Ask an Auditor: Unpacking 99211

Take the Confusion out of 99211.

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A while back we did a webinar, An Expert's Tips and Best Practices for Using 99211, and ever since we’ve been slammed with great questions from all of you about this baffling code.

Since it’s such a hot topic, we’ve compiled all of your questions along with the answers into an eBrief you can keep on hand as a quick source when dealing with 99211. It’s an especially relevant piece of content because the questions come from real coders and auditors like yourself, and were answered by our own experts.

Stay updated on all things 99211 and quickly and easily download this eBrief, Ask an Auditor: Unpacking 99211. We'll take the confusion out of the code by answering some of the most common questions, including:

  • Can 99211 be Billed when Reviewing MRI Results?
  • Does the Physician Need to be in the Office?
  • Can Hepatitis C Counseling be Billed?

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