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Who's Auditing Your Coders?

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Optimize Your Finances.


You’ve hired a rockstar coder to improve your bottom line. You’ve done your homework and found someone with knowledge, initiative, critical thinking skills and precise communication. Regardless of their excellent skills, how can you be sure that this amazing coder-who sat before you in an interview and wowed you with his or her experience and expertise-will increase your bottom line without increasing your risk to insurance carriers?

Every coder, no matter how experienced, will need help at some point to navigate the tricky and ever-changing terrain of the CPT book and payer policy. Purely from a business perspective, your practice needs to operate at its financial best so you can stay afloat and your providers can focus on enhancing patient care and outcomes. But how do you achieve this in your already busy week?

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  • Set Expectations for the Coder
  • Schedule a Baseline Review with an Experienced Auditor
  • Hire a Third-party Auditor

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