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What Every Compliance Officer Should Know About Billing Departments

Understanding the Risks Inside Your Billing Department.

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“Follow the Money” is a cardinal rule for compliance officers. In a world where our resources are limited and our department is often viewed as a cost center, being diligent with our time and focusing on where the money is makes perfect sense.

That being the case, what better place to focus your time and efforts than your Coding and Billing department? After all, in our annual survey of compliance professionals, 25% stated that department represents the greatest risk to their organization.

But what if you don’t come from the world of coding and billing? As complex as coding and billing regulations are, where can you even start? As someone who, earlier in their career, spent a great deal of time in coding and billing I’ve got an idea of just what you should be looking for.

Watch this on-demand webinar, What Every Compliance Officer Should Know About Billing Departments, where presenter CJ Wolf, M.D. shows you:

  • Foundational Concepts in Billing and Coding
  • Different Code Types and What They Mean
  • Enforcement Examples of Billing and Coding Gone Wrong
  • What Should Compliance Officers be Doing in Regard to Billing and Coding Compliance

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