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Cloning, and Copy & Paste, and Pull Forward, Oh My!

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Minimize the Risks of Copying and Pasting.

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Copy and pasting (or cloning, or pulling forward) information from past visits is meant to save time but can result in risks to your practice.

If payers notice redundant documentation they may question the accuracy and the amount of work that was done from one visit to the next. To that end, the use of Copy and Paste has the potential to put your organization at risk of pre-payment audits.

That’s why it’s important to weigh the benefits and learn how to minimize errors before your practice takes advantage of shortcuts.

Watch this on-demand webinar, “Cloning, and Copy & Paste, and Pull Forward, Oh My!,” to learn how to preserve and protect the integrity of your medical records and learn:

  • Proper Terminology Associated with Shortcuts
  • Risks and Benefits of Automation in the EHR
  • Strategies for Safely Using Tools

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