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Simplify the Way You Communicate Compliance Reports with Software

Report To Your Board More Effectively.

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We all know the value of getting your board on board with compliance. And I know that you’ve worked hard to open lines of communication between your governing board and your compliance program. The next step is to learn how to effectively communicate your reports to your board.

In this webinar, I cover what you should report to your governing board and, as a bonus, I demonstrate an awesome tool that will make it a lot easier. Let’s be honest, technology always simplifies our lives.

So, watch this on-demand webinar, Simplify the Way You Communicate Compliance Reports with Software, to see how the compliance software tool, Compliance Manager, can make your reporting to the governing board, easier, smarter and better documented with key features such as:

  • Data Entry of Key Compliance Metrics
  • Tracking Key Data Points Over Time
  • Generating Reports for Distribution

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