The Anatomy of an Effective Compliance Committee Webinar

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The Anatomy of an Effective Compliance Committee

Learn Compliance Committee Best Practices.

Watch the 'The Anatomy of an Effective Compliance Committee' Webinar

One of the fundamental elements of an effective compliance program is oversight and responsibility. Yet most professionals immediately think that responsibility falls directly on the feet of the Compliance Officer. And that's true, to a point.

But just as there's no "i" in "team," there's no "compliance" without a "committee." Creating and empowering your compliance committee is essential for thorough organizational oversight. What's crucial for the success of any compliance committee is creating clear roles and responsibilities for each member and empowering them by cementing buy‐in from management and your executive board. 

Watch this 60-minute, on-demand presentation, where I help you navigate the complexities of compliance committees and show you best practices for:

  • Creating a Compliance Committee from Scratch
  • Empowering Committee Members to be Effective and Successful
  • Leveraging the Compliance Committee to Achieve Maximum Results

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