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Compliance Institute 2021: Government Enforcement Updates

The OIG’s Updates from Compliance Institute 2021.

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This year’s HCCA’s Compliance Institute, their 25th Anniversary, just ended, and wow was there a lot to take in! While these virtual conferences still take some getting used to, I think the HCCA put on another jam-packed and informative four days of compliance thought leadership.

There was so much information that in order to capture it all, I had to take notes like my life depended on it. I didn't want to miss a thing. But it was worth the hand cramps because I learned so much and had a wonderful time.

Because I know not everyone can attend each year, and even if you did attend, you most likely weren’t able to attend every session, so I thought I’d share my notes from some of my favorite featuring speakers from the OIG, DOJ, and OCR.

So, you can now download my eBrief, “Compliance Institute 2021: Government Enforcement Updates,” for a peek inside of my notebook, and read some of the most insightful topics they discussed, including:

  • Why HIPAA Compliance and Enforcement is Atop Their Radar
  • How to Divide the Roles of Compliance Officer and the General Counsel
  • What the OIG’s Top 10 Compliance Priorities Are this Year

And stay tuned! I’ll be sending out another eBrief of my favorite speakers from the General Sessions soon.

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