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Compliance Institute 2021: My Favorite Sessions

The Best of HCCA’s Compliance Institute, 2021.

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Last week I sent you my top Government Enforcement Updates from this year’s HCCA Compliance Institute. But of course, the conference included a wealth of knowledge outside of what representatives from the OIG, DOJ, and OCR had to say.

Whether you virtually attended this year’s conference or not, I’m sure there were plenty of courses that you were hoping to attend, if only you could have cloned yourself.

Which is why I thought I’d share my notes from some of my favorite speakers across the healthcare continuum, all of which you can find in my new eBrief, “Compliance Institute 2021: My Favorite Sessions.” Inside, you can read my thoughts on some of the best sessions that I was able to attend, and get links to the PowerPoints of the presentations they shared during those sessions, including:

  • Compliance Data Mining and Benchmarking
  • Core Elements of EMTALA for the Compliance Professional
  • The Opioid Crisis: From the Provider’s Perspective
  • Physician Coding and Billing Cases Gone Badly
  • Two-Headed Beast: Compliance and Research Billing

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