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Don’t Overlook the Dangers of Overpayments

Know When It’s Time to Extrapolate Overpayments.

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Any effective compliance program should be able to identify overpayments it’s received during the course of its regular billing audits. While these overpayments can be anxiety-inducing, the problem doesn’t go away by ignoring it. Especially if your investigation and analysis determines the overpayments have occurred over an extended period of time, and the total value of the refund is significant.

Of course, in the case of a high volume of services, it might not be feasible to audit every single claim. However, that doesn’t excuse you from accurately choosing audit sample sizes and extrapolating reliable results.

Whether you’ve uncovered overpayments in your career, or want to know exactly what to do in the event that you do find overpayments, join our upcoming webinar, “Don’t Overlook the Dangers of Overpayments,” where we'll cover:

  • When Overpayment Results Might Need to be Extrapolated
  • What Tools Exist to Assist with Statistical Sampling and Extrapolating
  • What Problems or Risks Might Arise with the Process of Extrapolation

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