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The Hazards of Being HIPAA Complacent

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What HIPAA Enforcements to Watch Out for in 2021.

Watch the Webinar - The Hazards of Being HIPAA Complacent

During the course of the national health emergency, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has provided guidance suggesting they will not use the full power of their enforcement capabilities to pursue HIPAA Violations. But don’t be so complacent as to think that means HIPAA compliance has been completely forgotten, nor that HIPAA violations are not being investigated or fined. On the contrary, HIPAA enforcement is alive and well, and OCR is regularly auditing, investigating, and announcing enforcement actions around areas they have officially relaxed.

In order to ensure your organization remains compliant, and avoids hefty fines like those we’re reading about in the headlines, join our free upcoming webinar, “The Hazards of Being HIPAA Complacent,” on January 20 at 1 PM ET, where Dr. CJ Wolf and Brian Burton, Healthicity’s Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer, will discuss:

  • What OCR’s “Right of Access” Initiative Means to Your Organization
  • Where Recent HIPAA Violations Could Have Been Avoided
  • How You Can Prevent HIPAA Violations Using Software

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