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This is How to Get Paid for E/M Consultations

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Boost Your Revenue with Consultation Services.

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Auditing for E/M Consultation Services has been confusing auditors for years. In January 2010 CMS took a stance by no longer reimbursing providers for CPT consultation codes (99241 -99245 and 99251 – 99255). Since then many organizations have given up entirely on billing for consultation services.

Unfortunately, by giving up you could be under-billing services or leaving money on the table. In my upcoming webinar, you’ll learn how your organization can continue to report and get paid for consultation services.

Watch this free, on-demand webinar, This is How to Get Paid for E/M Consultations, to learn how the real-world application of E/M Consultative Services can benefit your organization. We’ll cover:

  • Consultative Services: Clinically vs. Billing
  • Which Payers Allow for Consultative Services
  • Documentation Tips and Tricks

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