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How to Prevent Overpayments to Your Organization

OIG Will Continue to Audit/Monitor Improper Medicare Payments

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In the OIG’s Annual Work Plan for the fiscal year 2022, it’s written that they will continue to audit and monitor potentially improper payments to Medicare beneficiaries.

If providers bill Medicare for non-hospice item services that potentially should be covered by hospice, Medicare could pay for the same item or service twice. Unbundling occurs when the items and services would have already been paid under the hospice per diem. Over a ten-year audit period, from 2010 to 2019, CMS analysis has indicated an upward spike in improper Medicare payments of 6.6 billion to non-hospice providers for items and services provided to hospice beneficiaries. This suggests the need for increased oversight.

Download our free whitepaper, “How to Prevent Overpayments to Your Organization,” by auditing expert La Tanya McNair. This eight-page examination of the OIG’s 2022 work plan will include:

  • Hospice Benefits
  • Recertification Requirements
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Hospice Services
  • Facility Notifications (Also Known as NOEs) and Billing Modifiers

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