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ICD-10-CM, Explained (Part 3)

The Nervous System, Eyes, and Circulatory System, Explained.

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As coders and auditors, we spend a lot of time tracking down information and reading (and re-reading) guidelines and best practices to help ensure organizational compliance.

It’s such a great career for people who love to learn, because we are always learning. It’s interesting, fascinating, and challenging.

At Healthicity, we know how important it is for you to do a great job and to be exact. As an auditor or coder, you live for specificity and that’s why we created our “ICD-10-CM, Explained” series, where we aim to buy you a little extra time by quickly and clearly explaining the ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines. It’s all of the details you need, in one simple-to-read document.

In this, part three of the series, our experts covered some of our favorite sections, including:

  • Section 1.C.6. Diseases of the Nervous System by Vipin Bhardwaj
  • Section 1.C.7. Disease of the Eye and Adnexa by Vikas Chawla
  • Section 1.C. 9. Diseases of Circulatory System by Nafheem Ameen

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