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Infusion Coding Cheat Sheet

Uncoding the Confusion Around Infusion Coding

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to code infusions, but found it to be too confusing? Do you currently code infusions, and still find it confusing?

Either way, you may be comforted to find out infusion coding continues to confound us, too.

Right now, Hematology and Oncology coders are in incredibly high demand, and it’s unlikely that demand will fade anytime soon. Afterall, according to there are almost 5,000 cancer cases being diagnosed daily. And while that’s not great news for any of us in healthcare, one thing we can all agree on is the importance of accurately coding for infusion therapies. Which is why we created our new checklist, “Infusion Coding Cheat Sheet,” where we walk through the intricate details infusion coders should look for, and show you:

  • How to Select the Initial Infusion Code
  • How to Select Additional Codes Based on Time
  • How to Select Codes for Additional Drugs Given

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