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How to Build Influence and Win at Compliance

How to Influence and Lead Your Colleagues.

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Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People sold over 30 million copies worldwide because the concept of influencing others are so crucial for life and business. While your main goal as a compliance officer isn’t necessarily to win friends (although being friendly is important), you are in the business of influence.

Compliance officers do not have direct managerial control over every individual in an organization. So how can a compliance officer get people to cooperate and do things that are often seen as “annoying” or considered a “waste of time?” The answer: by using the power of influence.

Since the success of your work as a compliance professional might depend on those outside of your sphere of direct influence, it’s useful to learn how to convince people to follow your lead. Leading without authority requires special skills, you’ve got to convince others to follow you and act willingly without force. In a sense, influencing without authority is about selling yourself and your ideas.

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