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Special Fraud Alerts: What You Need to Know

What OIG enforcements you should watch out for in 2021.

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Over the last 26 years, the OIG has only published a total of 11 Special Fraud Alerts. Needless to say, these special alerts don’t come around every day. In fact, the last alert was published way back in 2014. Which is why when the OIG does publish an update, we should all be paying close attention.

This November, the OIG did just that. This most recent Special Fraud Alert highlighted fraud and abuse associated with speaker programs, which are defined as company-sponsored events, where a physician or other healthcare professional publicly speaks about a drug or device on behalf of a sponsoring company. Speaking programs are big business, as evidenced by this one piece of data: In the last three years, drug and device companies have reported paying nearly $2 billion for speaker-related services.

The OIG and DOJ have investigated and resolved numerous fraud cases involving allegations that remuneration that has been offered and paid in connection with speaker programs violated the anti-kickback statute. This webinar, “Special Fraud Alerts: What You Need to Know” will focus on the most recent Special Fraud Alert regarding Speaker Programs, where we'll discuss:

  • Recent Settlements that Prompted the Special Fraud Alert
  • Inherent Threats to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries
  • Potential Risks to Your Physicians Who Speak at These Events

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