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OIG Work Plan Updates: COVID-19

The OIG is gearing up for a number of audits, studies, and reviews.

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In January of 2021, the OIG was busy issuing their ongoing work plan a total of 12 times. Considering the times we find ourselves in, it should come as no surprise that half of the January updates were focused specifically on COVID-related issues.

The purpose of these new work plan items was to take a look back over the past year and measure our government’s responses taken during the pandemic. Then, analyze what has been working, what has not, and identify risk areas where audits and investigations would be appropriate.

Even though we still find ourselves in the midst of the pandemic, it’s clear from these updates that the OIG is gearing up for a number of audits, studies, and reviews. As always, included in this work will be a focus on “following the money,” to make sure those entities that were provided funding, read the fine print and acted in good faith. To better understand what they’ll be focusing on in the coming months, we dove into all the updates for you in our new eBrief, “OIG Work Plan Updates: COVID-19.” Inside, you’ll find our quick and easily digestible take on the most important updates, including:

  • Impacts COVID has had on Home Health Agencies
  • Audits of COVID Testing Site Contracts
  • Investigations of High-Risk COVID-19 Grants
  • Updates to Part B Telehealth Services During the Pandemic

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