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OIG Work Plan Updates: Indian Health Services

Inside the new OIG work plan updates aimed at Indian Health Services.

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The pandemic has been a struggle for all of us. But with a mortality rate that is 1.8 times higher than that found among non-Hispanic whites, COVID has been particularly difficult for many Native Americans populations.

Given the sobering data, it’s not surprising that Indian Health Services (IHS) has had to approach the pandemic with new and different strategies to ensure the safety of their populations.

To understand the effectiveness of some of these measures, the OIG has made recent updates to its work plan, which identified future audits they plan to conduct. In our latest eBrief, “OIG Work Plan Updates: Indian Health Services,” we dive into those updates, and provide insights into IHS’s strategy during the pandemic, to help you better understand:

  • What Their Vaccine Distribution Strategy Means for Tribal Health Programs
  • Why They Launched a Critical Care Response Pilot Program
  • How They Have Distributed Supplies in Response to COVID

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