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How to Crack Preventative Medicine Coding

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Understanding Preventive Medicine Coding Guidelines.

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Preventive care is the cornerstone of our healthcare system. By promoting wellness from the outset, we can prevent diseases from ever occurring - and save untold billions in the nation's healthcare costs. But coding for preventive medicine services can be a tough nut to crack. And incorrectly coding these services can lead to lower reimbursement rates and even denials. Preventive medicine codes vary by type of visit, the age of the patient, if the patient is new or established, and by the individual payer. Yet, the CPT® book guidelines often don’t match individual payer guidelines.

What’s more, payers may not even reimburse you for every preventive service performed. Instead, they may only cover a portion of the services. And there are plenty of “oh, by the way” patient scenarios that can lead to a problem-oriented service being evaluated on the same day as the preventive service.

Watch this on-demand webinar, How to Crack Preventive Medicine Coding, where I remove the coding confusion around preventive medicine services, walk you through documentation guidelines, and help you:

  • Understand How Preventive Medicine Coding Works
  • Distinguish Between a Wellness and a Problem-services
  • Ensure Your Provider is Getting Paid Correctly

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