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Why Compliance Programs are the Key to Preventing Medicare Fraud

Only You Can Prevent Healthcare Fraud.

Did you know that Medicare spending represents 15% of all Federal spending? And of that spending, the National Heath Care Anti-Fraud Association estimates, conservatively, that healthcare fraud costs our nation about $68 billion annually. It’s no wonder then, that in 2018, the OIG testified before the U.S. Congress that, “Combating fraud and reducing improper payments are critical to protecting the financial integrity of Medicare.”

While home health, skilled nursing facilities, and inpatient rehabilitation facilities are particular areas of concern, the OIG stresses that every touch point of the healthcare industry is susceptible to fraudulent behavior. Which is why they believe a comprehensive compliance strategy, that focuses on prevention, detection, and enforcement, can significantly help reduce the amount of fraud that exists in our system today.

Which is where your compliance program comes in. By launching, monitoring and adapting your compliance program to ensure proper claims and payments are being made you can, in the OIG’s words, “significantly advance the prevention of fraud, abuse and waste in these health care plans.” In that spirit, we invite you to watch our free on-demand webinar, “Why Compliance Programs are the Key to Preventing Medicare Fraud,” where we explain how your program can reduce fraud by:

  • Using Analytics and Data to Identify Fraudulent Behaviors
  • Following a Risk-based Approach
  • Learning from Recent Enforcements and Fraud Busts

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