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Tackling Compliance on the Front Lines

Tackle Compliance with Frontline Employees.

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Compliance programs shouldn’t be designed with the sole purpose of pleasing the board and senior management. While these things matter, it’s a lot more important to design your program around your frontline employees. HIPAA compliance and patient privacy is only as strong as that casual cafeteria or elevator discussion about a patient. Those discussions happen on the front lines. You can maintain compliance in those scenarios only if you consider every employee during the design of your program.

Similarly, appropriate billing, coding and medical record documentation happens at the individual level. Are these frontline employees armed with the appropriate knowledge of policies and have they had the right training education?

Consider your compliance program. How well is it designed to battle compliance on the front lines? Such considerations could make all the difference in the world to your program.

For more information on how to design a compliance program that works for all employees, download my free eBrief, Tackling Compliance on the Front Lines, to get four pages of tips to:

  • View Compliance from an Employee Perspective
  • Guide Potential Whistleblowers to Report Compliance Issues
  • Survey and Audit Employees

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