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Take it Back to the Basics to Take the Edge Off

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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Leonardo da Vinci reportedly said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And it’s true, simplifying your approach to complex compliance issues can be the beginning of finding the best answer.

As a compliance professional, it’s easy to get bogged down in details. Have you ever had a day, week, month, or year where you felt stressed, overwhelmed, or overpowered by the unrelenting complexities of compliance? Many compliance professionals are meticulous, and our tendency to obsess over the nuances of every compliance issue can be a little burdensome.

While it might sound counterproductive, instead of trying harder, thinking harder, and obsessing more, you can also stop, back away, and do nothing (for a minute). Taking a break won’t make the issues less complex, but it might provide some clarity that can lead to workable solutions. Take it back to the basics, and watch the solution roll in like a cool, calm, tide.

But for all practical purposes, what does this mean, exactly? Tune in to our on-demand webinar, “Back to the Basics,” or download our eBrief for the short and sweet version.

Easily download this free eBrief, “Take it Back to the Basics to Take the Edge Off,” to learn how to find the answers to complex solutions by revisiting some age-old principles such as:

  • The ultimate power of truth
  • How transparency leads to respect
  • Creating a system of trust

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