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The Ultimate FAQ for Telehealth During COVID-19

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Recently, we wrapped a four-part blog post series, where over the course of those four posts, we answered a total of 53 questions that our community had asked us on the topic of telehealth in the time of COVID. Unsurprisingly, we had a lot to unpack.

The exercise was at times both rewarding and fun, because it provided our resident telehealth expert, Lori Cox (and the whole team here), to better understand the unique challenges so many of you are facing right now.

After we completed the series, we thought about ways in which we could extend the life of those posts and make them more easily accessible to you, our audience. So, we decided to bundle all 53 questions into a single resource that you could print out and keep on your desk, or file away as a quick reference somewhere on your computer.

The result is our “Ultimate FAQ for Telehealth During COVID-19.” Download it now, and you’ll find the most comprehensive COVID FAQ, where we answer a ton of questions, including:

  • Are Providers Allowed to Bill Subsequent Visits (after an admission) by Phone?
  • Are There Any Frequency Restrictions On Telehealth Visits In A Specific Timeframe?
  • Is It Required By CMS or Payers that the Type of Media Used Be Documented?

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