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Who’s Auditing Your Coders?

Strategies for Strengthening Your External Coding Audits

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The last few years have ushered in countless coding changes, which is why coding accuracy is more crucial than ever. Industry best practices suggest that outside reviews will strengthen your future internal audits. The choice is clear, and there are even a few tips that will make it enjoyable. Yes, truly.

Let’s face it, an external audit can create a lot of anxiety because nobody likes to feel like someone is scrutinizing their work. And that’s why the right mindset is so important. Coders and auditors must let go of any perfectionist ideas and accept that nobody knows everything. Everyone needs to come to the table with a growth mindset– ready to look at every opportunity as a way to increase resilience and learn.

To learn more about why you should conduct an external audit, best practices, and how to make it enjoyable, download our free eBrief, "Who’s Auditing Your Coders? 

In this eBrief, you’ll find: 

  • Two vital tips for an effective external audit 
  • Why a growth mindset changes everything 
  • Best practices that demand you audit big (and often) 

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