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Your Secret to Mastering the 2021 E/M Changes

The ultimate tool for ensuring accurate revenue for 2021 and beyond.

Watch the Webinar - Your Secret to Mastering the 2021 E/M Changes

Are you and your team ready for the 2021 E/M changes, which officially begin on January 1? Sure, it might seem a little unfair that we waited 20 years for an overhaul to E/M services, only to be given a year to get ready for said changes. But here we are.

By thoroughly reading the new office visit requirements, we know that coders and auditors will need to have a masterful understanding of disease processes to ensure accurate coding is used. But simply reading the new requirements can be an effort in abstract learning. For those of us who prefer a more tactile, hands-on approach to learning, we’ve got just the tool for you.

On Thursday, December 10, Stephani Scott, VP Of AAPC Audit Services, and chief architect of Audit Manager, will be joined by Erin Whitelock, Healthicity’s Client Success Manager, where they’ll be hosting a 30-minute webinar, “Your Secret to Mastering the 2021 E/M Changes,” and show you how Audit Manager can get your team ready for the changes, and ensure your organization’s revenue is accurate through:

  • Conduct Audits of Your Team’s Understanding of the Changes
  • Evaluate Whether Your E/M Levels are Over-coded or Under-coded
  • Improve Your Coding Accuracy Through Ongoing Training

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