The Misadventures of Ada: Hypertension I10

The Misadventures of Ada:
Hypertension I10

Ada recently decided to be more informed about things happening worldwide and in her community to volunteer more and help out. And what better way to learn all about what’s going on than to binge-watch three hours of news on a casual Wednesday night?

Surrounded by her favorite snacks, potato chips, soda, and a little ice cream, she flipped on her remote and hunkered down. Covered in crumbs, she learned about the happenings in her community and saw good, bad, and beautiful all over the world. After an hour, her head started to feel light and airy. Two hours in, she felt trapped by the screen. Three hours in, she felt some pressure in her chest.

The pressure in Ada’s chest quickly turned into very uncomfortable chest pain. The stabby pain didn’t go away. Ouch! Then it got worse. Aaaargh! She clutched her shirt. Finally, after feeling uncomfortable and a little nervous, she grabbed her computer and made a quick Telehealth appointment. Lucky for her, a doctor was available right away. “Sounds like Hypertension,” said Dr. Rawly.


Hypertension: The Misadventures of Ada

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