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It’s been said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. At Healthicity, we’re driven by the idea of delivering simple, intuitive solutions that solve the challenges you face in healthcare. We are engineers, coders, auditors, artists and teachers. And where some see complexity, we see opportunity.

Let’s find simplicity, together.

Our Timeline of Events

Q4 2015
Healthicity is formally launched in the fall of 2015.
Q2 2016
Healthicity reaches its first $1 Million in annual revenue.
Q4 2017
We onboard our 100th Client.
Q4 2018
Reached our 1 Millionth site visitor.
Q3 2019
We implement our 300th client.
Q2 2020
We join the Six Sails portfolio of companies.
Q2 2021
Exceeded 20K Monthly Active Users.

The Company We Keep



Darin Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Likes: My Kids, The Cubs, Data, and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Brian Burton

Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

Likes: Family & Friends, High School Football, a Fresh Lime in Ice Water.

Cyndi McIntyre

Executive VP, Sales

Likes: Running, Boating, My Husband, and Super Bowl Champs the TB Buccaneers!

Kekin Gada

VP, Development and Infrastructure

Likes: knitting, picnics, and my family

Adrian Kelsey

Director of Client Success

Likes: Listening to David Sedaris on Audible with a Glass of Chardonay.

Justin Larsen

Senior Operations Manager

Likes: Camping, Collecting Minerals, Making Jewelry, and Drinking Coffee.

The Team

Kayla Atkinson

Operations & Special Projects Coordinator

Likes: Relaxing, Being with My Family, Shooting, 4-wheeling.

Michele Ball

Director of Channel Sales

Likes: Spending Time with Family & Friends, Watching My Kids Play Sports, Concerts, Cold Beer.

Brooks Bird

Customer Support Specialist

Likes: Movies, Sharks, Mole Sauce, and, of course, My Family.

Sarah Crane

Campaign Manager, Graphic Designer

Likes: Being Outside, Embroidery, & Drinking a Good Bottle of Wine While Cooking.

RJ Morgan

Account Executive

Likes: My Family, My Motorcycle, Great Cigars & Rock and Roll!

Remo Peshkepia

Compliance Solutions Engineer

Likes: Spending Time with Family, Hiking in the Utah Mountains.

Mark Raasch

Account Executive

Likes: Beer. Plural.

Christopher Sullivan

Sales Development Representative

Likes: Good Food, Good Music, Good Whiskey, & Good Friends (Especially Together!)

Dawn Tucker-Poti

Client Success & Implementation

Likes: My Grandbabies & Kids, My Dog Gracie, and Sweet Tea.

Erin Whitelock

Client Success Manager

Likes: Hiking, My Pups, a Fine Whiskey, and a Good Laugh.

Jason Wolf-Mann

Client Success Representative

Likes: Our Fur Babies, Camping, Sci-Fi, and Good Food.

Employee Spotlight

Erin is a Customer Satisfaction-driven healthcare expert who, prior to Healthicity, spent over five years managing the operations for GE Healthcare’s Clinical team. Erin excels at, and enjoys, working with clients to maximize their utilization, experience, and satisfaction. Erin serves as Healthicity’s Client Success Manager, focusing on Healthicity's Auditing Software Suite.

Erin Whitelock

Client Success Manager

Also, a dog and hot tub enthusiast.

Remo is a member of the Healthicity implementation team and has more than 20 years experience in healthcare compliance, revenue cycle management, and provider relations.

Remo Peshkepia

Compliance Solutions Engineer

The host of our "Wednesday's with Remo" client webinars.

Brian has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years. He's spent most of that time developing, implementing, and providing oversight for Compliance and Privacy program initiatives, working with more than one hundred healthcare facilities. Before joining the Healthicity team, Brian was responsible for the implementation and oversight of the Compliance and Privacy programs at twelve hospitals, and their affiliated entities across seven different states. Brian is Certified in Healthcare Compliance with the Health Care Compliance Association, and is a Project Management Professional, through the Project Management Institute.

Brian Burton

Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

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Our Mission 

We create compliance solutions designed to help organizations find simplicity and elevate their operational performance.

Our Core Values

We have no hidden agenda and insist on transparency in all things. We believe honesty is at the core of building trust and mutual respect with co-workers, clients and partners.
We look into the eyes of our colleagues and clients and treat them like friends and family. We treat respectfully and seek to build strong relationships.
We are focused, disciplined and focused on driving results. We learn from mistakes and accept responsibility for our actions and results.
We use data to set goals; monitor progress and inform every decision we make. If we don’t have the data, we will find it before acting.
We refuse to accept the status quo. We continuously seek new ways to improve our processes, products, and client experiences.
We believe in the power of high-functioning teams. We trust, support and challenge each other. We strive for personal excellence but will always prioritize the success and needs of the team above our own.
We believe that innovation and creativity are the fuel of exceptional products and services. We welcome different ideas, perspectives and solutions.
We believe a business must be profitable to thrive. We look for new ways to drive revenue, improve efficiency and better manage expenses.
We care deeply about the success of the team and business. Through good and bad, we are resilient and committed to helping our business succeed.

Location, Location, Location.

Salt Lake City Office

2825 E Cottonwood Parkway

Salt Lake City, UT 84121


North Carolina Office

2222 Sedwick Rd.

Durham, NC, 27713


India Office

Faridabad, India