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Think You Can Audit Like a Healthicity Pro?

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Quiz Instructions

  1. Click the link below to download the fee ticket and medical record.
  2. Audit the medical record for all the reported codes (E/M office services, modifiers, ICD10 and/or surgical codes).
  3. Use either the CMS 95 or 97 guidelines, whichever is most advantageous to the provider. When using the 95 guidelines, follow the detailed numeric calculation method for the exam. This method is as follows: PF = 1 BA or OS; EPF = 2-4 BA or OS; Dtl = 5-7 BA or OS; Comp = 8+ OS or comprehensive single OS. When using the 97 guidelines, use the General Multi-system exam. Follow the CMS guidelines for MDM as a required key component for established and subsequent visits. When entering multiple codes, use a comma to separate the code numbers.
  4. Use the form below to conduct your audit. Include your findings for the provider you are auditing.
  5. Feel free to use any resources available to you. The quiz is not timed.
  6. You must have third-party cookies enabled in your internet browser to take the quiz.
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