Compliance Carl: Compliance Professionals: Are You Ready For 2022?

Compliance Carl:
Compliance Professionals: Are You Ready For 2022?

It’s January, so “New Year, New You,” is spread across the internet like wildfire. Carl loves a heavy dose of inspiration, so he couldn’t wait to buy something with the slogan and hang it up. Stepping back, he loved his giant banner in his office corner. Seeing it there, like a glimmering beacon of hope, gave him a surge of excitement for all the wonderful things this year will bring. He dove into his giant to-do list, writing furiously, covering his entire whiteboard with HIPAA tasks for Q1.

As the board filled up with all things HIPAA, everything he needed to tackle, he started to feel a little hot. Security risk assessments, business associate agreements, breach assessments!

Soon, Carl’s pits were wet, and his cheeks turned bright red. So much to do! So little time! He groaned. His office became disheveled in the tornado of planning, along with his inspirational quote.

“When inspiration leads to burnout. Carl needs a reminder to pace himself in January.”

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