Episode: 58
Attorney Insights on Today’s Pressing Healthcare Compliance Issues

Two attorneys and a compliance expert sit down for a chat – what happens next? Find out on this episode of Compliance Conversations!

Listen to the Episode - Attorney Insights on Today’s Pressing Healthcare Compliance Issues

Tune in to our conversation with Sean McKenna, a partner in Spencer Fane LLP’s Dallas office, and Keith Dugger, a shareholder in Hall Render’s Dallas office. Sean and Keith bring unique perspectives to our discussion, as Sean focuses his practice on solving clients’ healthcare needs and representing companies and executives in white-collar cases and investigations, and Keith focuses on strategic planning, assessment, and analysis of the laws as applied to various transactions, fraud, and abuse. 

In a conversation filled with insights and tips for healthcare compliance professionals, CJ, Sean, and Keith discuss:

  • The unlimited breadth of the Anti-Kickback Statute and what it means for compliance teams
  • Why labs are a hot spot for enforcement
  • The Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act and opioid substance abuse treatment
  • The uptick in private equity investments in healthcare – and the increase in enforcements in this area


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