Episode: 48
Specialty Focus: Coding and Billing in Nephrology

How do Nephrology Practices Manage their Coding and Billing?

Listen to the Episode - Specialty Focus: Coding and Billing in Nephrology

Many healthcare billing and coding experts employ a wide range of knowledge on various conditions and service lines. At hospitals and family practices; this work could be anything and everything in the book! But sometimes it’s nice to dive deeply into a certain medical specialty and find someone with a wealth of knowledge to have a chat with.

Nephrology is definitely a worthy specialty to spend some time discussing. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a very common issue in our country, with around 37 million Americans dealing with this illness. Add to this the instances of renal failure and other kidney conditions, and we can see why it’s imperative to have experts in specialties like this. It’s definitely good to have someone around who knows their N17, N18, and N19 codes!

Kristen Poat, RHIT, sits down with our host, CJ Wolf, MD, in this episode of “Compliance Conversations.” Kristen manages auditing and compliance for a nephrology clinic in Illinois and was gracious enough to join our podcast guest family.

In this podcast, Kristen and CJ discuss many nephrology-related topics, including:

  • Common billing and coding errors in nephrology
  • Important medical record documentation activities with nephrology
  • Coding with practice staff versus relying on an external coder
  • Compliance risks worth noting in nephrology


Interested in being a guest on the show? Email CJ directly here at cj.wolf@healthicity.com.