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Episode 44:
Lessons Learned From a Travel Auditor

Travel Auditing Tips, Tricks, and Frustrations

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Have you ever considered a career in travel auditing? In today’s episode, we talk with auditing expert La Tanya McNair about her experience as a travel auditor. We chat about everything from the various routes one might take to land the position, the do’s and don’ts of packing for a work trip (and embarrassing packing fails), the complexities of things like acquisitions, and how to take a proactive approach to auditing. La Tanya has had a long and diverse career that lends a lot of wisdom to other folks working in healthcare compliance or auditing. McNair shares tips, tricks, and frustrations of the job that every medical auditor can relate to, such as dealing with intimidated medical staff and the horrors of standardized templates and the dreaded copy and paste that comes with it.

“Sometimes, medical coders and medical office staff get a little intimidated, especially if they know the auditor is coming to that office. One of the things they like to do, unfortunately, CJ, is they like to hide medical record charts from the auditor. In today’s day, they can’t do that so much because everything is on a server, it’s electronic health records, so you can’t hide information from the auditors anymore, but a good auditor will always know you pre-audit before you go into a medical facility. Auditors always flinch when providers use templates–those copy and paste templates because we can detect phony immediately. Where you’re HPI doesn’t even match your examination components, and it’s so evident that your copying and pasting one record over another, and I was like can they outlaw templates. …I’m like, that doesn’t even pertain to this visit.”

In this episode of “Compliance Conversations With CJ Wolf MD.: Lessons Learned From a Travel Auditor,” you’ll discover:

  • What it’s like to be a travel auditor and lessons learned on the road.
  • How to take a proactive approach to auditing.
  • HIPAA issues from an auditor’s perspective.


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