Episode: 49
How Does Clinical Research Billing Impact Revenue Cycle?

What do clinical research and revenue have to do with each other? A lot, it turns out.

Listen to the Episode - How Does Clinical Research Billing Impact Revenue Cycle?

Our latest Compliance Conversations episode, “How Does Clinical Research Billing Impact Revenue Cycle?" covers the critical topic of ensuring your behind-the-scenes billing is set up to support your clinical research goals.

Mary Veazie, a CPA who specializes in clinical research finance, sat down with CJ Wolf, MD, for an insightful conversation about the stumbling blocks many organizations don’t anticipate with clinical research billing.

Mary shared: “It’s a convergence of not only the patient, but the clinician who’s actually performing the research, clinical operations, as well as revenue cycle, the clinical research organization itself, and then compliance to really make sure that we’re following the rules and not putting the organization or the patient at risk.”

Mary and CJ discuss a range of topics, including:

  • The importance of knowing what can and can’t be billed to insurance or Medicare
  • How to navigate funding sources with multiple study sponsors
  • Fitting clinical research billing into the hospital’s revenue cycle
  • Billing considerations to set your study up for success


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