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Episode 41:
Pathways to Compliance with Guest Brian Burton

All Roads (Can) Lead to Compliance

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How did you end up in Compliance? What is compliance? How does one become a compliance expert? That sounds so boring (says every compliance professional’s children). In this episode of Compliance Conversations, I sat down with my fellow compliance and HIPAA expert, Brian Burton, to discuss the many different paths folks take that lead to a career in compliance. If you’re in compliance, you’ll smile and nod throughout this episode because you can probably relate so much. One of the most common topics among compliance professionals is how did you end up in this career? And the personal stories are always fascinating. Compliance isn’t usually a job that begins with childhood daydreams. First graders don’t typically sit around with their juice box in hand telling their friends that they can’t wait to stop a Stark Law violation. People often don’t even know that a career in compliance is possible, so the backgrounds can really vary.

I came from a clinical background and learned about compliance as a medical student because of Path Audits. Brian began his career in the Army, later became a project manager, and eventually found his way to compliance. I’ve met lawyers turned compliance experts, nurses, too, and just about every other career path you can think of. During our discussion, we chatted about our journeys to compliance, how folks can begin or transition to a career in compliance, and we outline precisely what a compliance expert does every day. And? It’s not nearly as dull as our kids think.

Listen to this episode, “Pathways to Compliance with Guest Brian Burton,” to hear our two very different paths to compliance. In this episode, we also cover:

    • Modern Compliance Certificates and Education
    • Daily Responsibilities of Compliance Professionals
    • Relatable Personal Stories About How All Roads Can Lead to Compliance


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