Episode 47:
Living in a Post-COVID-19 Compliance World

Post-COVID-19 Compliance and Value

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The delicate art of the paper trail: Most compliance officers know it well. Because when the OIG starts sniffing around, negotiations begin for a corporate integrity agreement, or when there is an acquisition or a merger, the documentation proving an effort to maintain compliance (or lack thereof) can make or break it all.

In our most recent episode of Compliance Conversations with host CJ Wolf MD, Wolf sat down with Nick Merkin JD to talk about value, proof, and living in a post-COVID-19 compliance world.

“And instead of the compliance function being just a cost for a healthcare organization, I think this will hopefully be gratifying to hear from a lot of your listeners who might be compliance officers, but it is also really a way to increase your value.” Said, Merkin.

Nick Merkin is the Chief Executive Officer of Compliagent. He serves as a fractional or interim compliance officer for organizations experiencing rapid growth, enforcement challenges, or in the process of merger and acquisition. Nick also advises healthcare organizations in connection with the creation and implementation of their compliance programs and infrastructure.

“Compliance officers are seen as the police force in the organization, and I think that’s never what we want to hear. [But] it really is part of the role, and sometimes I’ve told people, “Hey, you squeeze the bad guy, throw me under the bus, say that this is coming from the compliance officer.” Having somebody like that can be really valuable to an organization. But when compliance works, I think it’s when we do our job best by being collaborative.”

Listen to our most recent episode of “Compliance Conversations: Living in a Post-COVID-19 Compliance World” with CJ Wolf MD and Nick Merkin JD on your daily commute to learn:

  • How a compliance program (and proof of efforts) can increase your value.
  • The importance of a detailed compliance efforts paper trail.
  • A glimpse into post-COVID-19 compliance challenges.

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