Episode: 60
How Involved Should the Board Be in Your Compliance Program?

Does the Board of Directors have a role to play in your compliance program? Spoiler alert – the answer is yes!

Listen to the Episode - How Involved Should the Board Be in Your Compliance Program?

Does the thought of more board oversight of your compliance program inspire consternation or curiosity?

Tune in to our latest episode of Compliance Conversations to find out why board-level collaboration can benefit not just your program, but your entire organization.

It’s rare to find someone with a resume like Ellen Hunt’s-- with titles including Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Audit Executive, and Chief Privacy Officer, as well as leadership roles on both the payer side and the provider side, she brings not just technical knowledge, but key insights into relationship development and corporate culture too.

That’s why we were thrilled to welcome her to Compliance Conversations, where Ellen and CJ Wolf discussed:

    • How to develop a symbiotic relationship between the board and compliance teams
    • Tips to elevating your communication with the board
    • Why it’s critical to develop proactive, cross-functional protocols now (and not in the midst of a crisis)
    • “Scheduled executive sessions” -- what they are and how they could benefit your program

Thank you to Ellen for sharing your time and expertise with us!

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