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Episode 30: How to Provide Access to Telehealth, While Maintaining Compliance

The Ins and Outs of Telehealth Compliance.

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For this installment of Compliance Conversations, we interviewed Jake Geertsen, a Technical Manager in the documentation and coding, who specializes in telehealth. It’s a fast-growing segment of healthcare, which has spawned a lot of questions around the field. Not least of which is: What exactly is telehealth? According to Geertsen, telehealth is “a collection of means or methods for enhancing healthcare, public health, and health education delivery and support, using telecommunication technologies.”

Just ten years ago, few of us were carrying around the computing power we commonly find in our pockets and purses today. Nor did we know the benefits this technology could have to, as Geertsen puts it, “to the patient, the healthcare organization looking to cut costs, to insurance companies also looking to cut costs. In many scenarios, this is an area of innovation and improvement.”

  • Understand the History and Evolution of Telehealth
  • Implement Proper Coding and Billing Compliance Practices
  • Stay Current with Ever-changing Medicare Regulations and Payer Policies


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