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Episode 34:
Ask an Auditor Anything (Part 1)

Your Most Pressing Auditing and Coding Questions, Answered.

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Around here, in our offices at Healthicity, we get a lot of questions from our audience on the topics of medical billing, coding and auditing best practices and regulations. And we love nothing more than to provide answers to those questions, when we have the spare time.

So recently, we asked you to send us the questions that most perplex you while on the job. And we got a ton of great questions (thank you), some of which even had us scratching our heads, too. So, I compiled all of your questions and took a bunch of them to our resident coding and auditing experts, Stephani Scott and Lori Cox, and sat down for a little chat. Best news of all, we recorded the Q and A and are now releasing it as our latest episode of Compliance Conversations, titled “Ask an Auditor Anything.”

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the questions we discussed, and answered:

  • Can Documentation of a Previous Allergic Reaction be Used Under ROS, or Only PMH?
  • If the physician states "same/unchanged from last visit" to History will they receive credit for reviewing the last visit information?
  • If the Documentation States “No PFSH," Is This Applicable On a New PT or Consult Visit?


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