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Episode 32: A Deep Dive Into the NCCI Policy Manual

Learn How to Stop Worrying and Love the NCCI Manual.

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Welcome to part two of our conversation with Christopher Chandler, a Technical Manager of Professional Documentation and Coding, at Intermountain Healthcare. In this part of the conversation, we dove headfirst into the NCCI policy manual.

The NCCI policy manual has been a hot topic. And not least of which because, as Chandler put it with a grin, “people hate the NCCI Policy Manual. They see it as a big book of rules that stops them from getting paid for the stuff they are doing.”

But as you’ll hear in our conversation, the manual is so much more. Whether you need to know when you can bill two codes together, or when to use modifiers 59, 62 or 79, that’s when you should consult the NCCI manual. It’s become an indispensable resource for any compliance billing department that’s using today’s best practices.

But the manual can be daunting, and oftentimes difficult to decipher. Which is why during this episode of Compliance Conversations, "A Deep Dive Into the NCCI Policy Manual," Chandler and I jump right into the ins-and-outs of the manual, and discuss the three main topics of the manual, including:

  • Knowing Exactly What’s Included in a Surgical Package
  • Understanding Multiple Procedure Overlaps
  • Billing Protocols for Inherent Services


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