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Episode 25: How the Pros Implement a Compliance Program

Neighborhood Hospital Compliance.

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There are a lot of barriers in compliance. In this installment of Compliance Conversations, I chat with Eric Dominguez, the chief compliance officer at Emerus, a management company that specializes in healthcare systems. Part of the services we provide to these joint ventures is a compliance program.

Implementing compliance has its difficulties and Dominguez talks about common hurdles he regularly faces. “Some of the compliance challenges are more around our alignment with the partners...In the compliance space, obviously there are elements of an effective compliance program, but it’s not prescriptive, and you’re able to use either different processes, job aids, tools, to be able to make sure the company has a culture of compliance. It’s great to have that opportunity with partners, but at the same time, we all feel like our compliance program is our baby if you will.” So how do Dominguez and his group manage? And how can we get better at it ourselves?

Tune into this episode of Compliance Conversations, How the Pros Implement a Compliance Program, with Eric Dominguez to learn how to:

  • Tackle Compliance Like a Large Hospital Group
  • Manage the Unique Challenges of Micro-Hospitals
  • Navigate Policies and Procedures for Hospital Licensing

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