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Episode 24: Taking the Trauma Out of Technology

Learn About Current Tech Trends in Healthcare Compliance.

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Whether it’s an EMR or a compliance software solution, you want technology to do the work for you, not make you do extra work. Knowing where technology disappoints, and where its future is heading, has helped Healthicity’s president, and my guest on my most recent episode of Compliance Conversations, Barry Johnson, D.D.S., become a leader in healthcare software development. And, according to the US Government, solutions that healthcare organizations really need.

“Recently at HCCA's Annual Conference, we heard government officials telling the people that were at the meeting that compliance has got to move into the digital age and start doing things with software rather than spreadsheets.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re an early adopter or tech-adverse, this informative and fun episode will bring you up to speed on all things healthcare technology from the largest challenges to the newest tools and gadgets that save lives or make your workday a whole lot easier. If tech has got you down: Johnson just might have a solution for you.

Tune into this episode of Compliance Conversations, Taking the Trauma Out of Technology, with Barry Johnson, D.D.S., to learn:

  • Technology Trends (and Failures) in Healthcare
  • Upcoming Innovations in Healthcare to Watch For
  • How to Make Technology Work For You

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