The Misadventures of Ada: Blaze of Glory, V91.07XA

Ada’s resolution to try new things in 2023 starts with a bang as she dips her toe into competitive water skiing! Has she ever water skied before? Of course not – but should that stop her? (Probably).

Determined to get out of her comfort zone and into something a little more exciting, Ada enters the competition ready to make a splash. She wasn’t expecting a crowd this size, but she was excited that this many people were there to see her incredible debut.

She clicked into those skis, grabbed the handle, and gathered her courage, but what she wasn’t prepared for was the sizzling spectacle that awaited...

Blaze of Glory: The Misadventures of Ada

A special shout out to Cindy Heonig, Michele Flood, Pinkie Taylor, Laura Gilbert, Lisa Galvin, and Linda Feshami for previously submitting this code as part of our Ada 50th cartoon contest!