Healthicity’s Recent SOC 2® Report Results Are In

Sound the horns! We’ve got some fantastic news! Healthicity has completed a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type 2® examination by independent auditor BARR Advisory, PA. We’re pretty excited about it.

BARR Advisory has a global network of partners, the perspective and deep expertise every thriving SaaS provider to world-class enterprise needs to stay secure and compliant. They specialize in cybersecurity and compliance for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. They’re a trusted advisor to some of the fastest-growing cloud-based organizations globally (like Healthicity). BARR simplifies compliance across multiple regulatory and customer requirements in highly regulated industries, including technology, financial services, healthcare, and government.

A SOC 2 Type 2® audit demonstrates that we’ve maintained effective internal controls over the design and operating effectiveness of our software system relevant to security, availability, and confidentiality. What does this mean, exactly? Folks, it means that you’re in excellent hands with Healthicity because we’ve got fantastic software and the integrity to back it up. It’s a stamp of approval that means, “Hey, this company also practices what it preaches.” We’re the total package–compliance obsessed and compliant–and we’re not afraid to prove it.

But hold on, let’s take a quick pause from our not-so-subtle humble brag to talk about why their stamp of approval matters. “We hope this achievement further exemplifies Healthicity’s commitment to delivering a high quality, secure experience to our clients,” said Brian Burton, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer. “Honesty and accountability are two of our core company values. So, we feel very proud in doing everything we can to deliver quality products and services while protecting our clients’ data.”

Let’s all give a collective “woo-hoo” to our Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Brian Burton, and everyone at Healthicity who worked hard to make this happen. And thank you, everyone out there, for being on this exciting journey with us.

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