Compliance Carl:
Policies and Procedures

Carl knows that, unlike The Witcher, the goblin flower monster from Stranger Things, or whatever vampire hunk is currently in these days, he’s not immortal. He also knows that if it’s not a giant meteor crashing into the earth that gets him, it will be the acute, intense, mind-boggling stress of organizing and implementing written policies and procedures.

File cabinets spread from one side of his office to the other. Piles of papers so high on the floor that Carl could barely see the doorway. A stack for assessing compliance risk areas, another for hiring practices, yet another for healthcare insurance and billing compliance, another for medical necessity and documentation, and more, and more, and more. While it might be tedious, managing policies and procedures is one of the seven keys of an effective compliance program.

Carl sighs. If only there were an easier way, he says, while the printer buzzes in the background.

Policies and Procedures: Compliance Carl